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Lil' Rip: From The Bottom On The Way To The Top - Background - Daniel Dermody professionally known as Lil' Rip was born in Manhattan New York on August sixth nineteen ninety. Born into a working class third generation Irish family, Lil' Rip moved around quite a bit. Not only did he reside in Manhattan but also the birthplace of Hip Hop, the Bronx, the borough of Queens as well as the lesser known borough of Staten Island. Coming from New York Lil' Rip was no stranger the Hip Hop art form. As early as age seven he began to write his own rhymes and have dreams of one day being a famous Emcee. Some of his earliest musical influences were Kid Rock, The Beastie Boys and House of Pain. Just a couple of years later tragedy struck when Rip's dad, who had worked as a superintendent had passed away from an heroin overdose. Lil' Rip was only eleven years old at the time. Before he passed away he had initiated a lawsuit against the landlords of a building that his family had resided in on the Upper East Side for lead paint exposure. The spark was lit - By the age of twelve Lil' Rip began to battle rap and battle classmates during lunch at school. Needless to say people including his teachers began to take notice and would compliment him and encourage him to pursue a career in Rap. Two years later, Lil' Rip now thirteen, would receive the judgment against the landlords for the dollar amount of one point two million! However, the good times wouldn't last long. Generational curse - Still trying to cope with the death of his dad, being exposed to the lead toxin and have a newfound wealth, Lil' Rip began to experiment with drugs. Just as Lil' Rip's dad had used drugs, he would also. However, his drug of choice was not heroin but Xanax. At the age of fifteen Lil' Rip became fully addicted to the anxiety medication. This addiction would last for years and have devastating results on not only him but also his loved ones. Due to paranoia, anxiety and overall mental health issues, Lil' Rip has been in and out of a few psychiatric wards. His drug addiction caused him to lose all of the money he had won from the above mentioned lawsuit and it forced him to sell a fully paid off four hundred and fifteen thousand dollar home that was located in Staten Island. The money went to pay off various debts to friends, family and other collectors. New beginnings - Having been jailed three times in twenty eighteen and having two dui's to his name, Lil' Rip is one song away from chasing his dream. Sobered up and off of Xanax while focusing of sobriety, Lil' Rip has begun taking his career seriously that he has always dreamed of.




I'm looking for country trap themed rap beats, Nicki Minaj type club beats, and boom bap beats. Looking for G Major for main chords and notes.

My music can be heard at

On Apple music:


Beat Requirements:

  • G Major
  • G Major for main chords and notez

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