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Spanish rapper who melds the sounds of French and U.S. trap with Latin influences. Spanish rapper Kidd Keo made a name for himself with his often-controversial flow, melding American trap with outside influences and dropping tracks such as 2016's "Okay" -- a Spanish reworking of Damso's "Debrouillard" -- and his 2018 debut album, Keoland. in 2018. With Keo's online and social media presence reaching into the millions, he was becoming one of Spain's biggest trap stars, managing to cross into the mainstream with his mix of Spanish and English lyrics and a unique Spanish take on the French and U.S. trap and drill sound. By 2019 he'd signed a deal with Warner Music Latina, with the track "Pitbull" becoming his first release for the label. The following year, he issued his debut EP for the label, Rockport Espacial, which saw him embracing a more Latin-influenced deep house sound.




Kidd Keo is looking for Beats for a new project. At present, we don't have any details as to what the new project is.

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  • Trap Beats
  • Latin Beats
  • Deep House Beats

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