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Gap-bridging and genre-bending British rap from London-based, French-born rapper. Inspired by the likes of Chief Keef and Drake, he set about merging the sounds of hip-hop, house, and the rising drill scene in London. In 2017 he released the fragmented and woozy-sounding Party Here, becoming a home-grown hit within the scene; it wasn't long before Drake was quoting the rapper on his own social media accounts. In the following year, Octavian released several tracks -- "Little," "100 Degrees," "Hands" -- before signing a deal with respected label Black Butter. Octavian's debut album, Spaceman, appeared in the September, and saw him perfecting his own take on the British hip-hop sound.

London, England



Octavian is looking for beats for a new project. At present, we don't have any details as to what the new project is.

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  • Party Beats
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