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His Music career is just starting and he hopes that it will be long and stable and with the way his hit song "Ride 2 Getha" is buzzing in the overly saturated and competitive Atlanta nightclub music scene he’s definitely on his way. He's not afraid to dream big and go big. He’s been through enough hard times to know that it can’t do anything but make you stronger. He hopes to inspire his fans that if there is anything they want to do they can make it happen and he is living proof of that. The future is extremely bright for Paxquiao so learn the name and get to know the music because this is only the beginning.

Atlanta, GA



Paxquiao is looking for Album Vibes beats for a new project. At present, we don't have any details as to what the new project is.

Beat Requirements:

  • Hip Hop Beats
  • Album Vibes
  • No PlayPlay Beats
  • No Snippets

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