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Prolific Cleveland rapper who released more than 20 mixtapes in his first year and a half of activity. Cleveland rapper Chxpo co-founded the collective Black Money Boys with SpaceGhost Purrp in 2016. The collective gathered together rappers and producers such as Baby Gucci, Loko Los, Taco El, Evil Haze, and many others, organizing a posse around a signature production sound of raw, threatening trap beats. Chxpo quickly became known for both his immensely prolific work ethic as well as his tendency to instigate conflict with other rappers. He released more than 20 mixtapes and countless tracks between 2016 and 2017, including the controversial "Cookin' Yams," an aggressive diss against A$AP Yams and Playboi Carti. He also started an antagonistic public Twitter war with Talib Kweli, going back and forth with the storied rapper until semi-respectful discourse broke down into insults and threats. Chxpo's seemingly endless output has had multiple highlights, among them 2017's inspired mixtapes Born Bloody and Emo Savage, the latter of which featured guest spots by Slug Christ and Lil Peep in one of his last recordings before his death. ~ Fred Thomas



Chxpo is looking for "Abra type beats and some hyper pop beats" for a new project

Beat Requirements:

  • Abra type Beats
  • Hyper Pop Beats

Send Beats to Chxpo for New Project

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