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Rap collective from Vallejo, California, formed by four very young and fiercely talented rappers with some similarities to the spirit and electricity of early N.W.A. After releasing several songs online, SOB X RBE immediately caught the attention of fans and fellow rappers alike. Bay Area rapper Sage the Gemini took a special interest in SOB X RBE and became something of a mentor, taking them on tour and introducing them to other more seasoned rappers. The group released more new songs, with tracks like "Different," "On My Mama," "No Love," and "Anti" becoming underground hits and fan favorites in a live setting. ~ Fred Thomas

Vallejo, CA



SOB x RBE are looking for beats for a new project. At present, we don't have any details as to what the new project is.

Beat Requirements:

  • Hip Hop Beats
  • Rap Beats
  • Send 3 Beats MAX

Send Beats to SOB x RBE for New Project

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